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Everyone accused of genocide pretend to have protected the Tutsi, Eric Gillet in Munyemana trial.

Eric Gillet, a context witness in the trial of Dr. Sostehene Munyemana before the Paris Assize Court, mentions the common and popular statement of the accused in the trials on genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda, who pretend to have protected the Tutsi.

According to Mr. Gillet, based on his experience in trials on genocide against the tutsi in Rwanda, everyone claims to have protected the tutsi: “I don’t know anyone accused of genocide who did not protect Tutsi.” he said.

Mr. Gillet also informs the court about the ‘modus operandi’ put in place to commit the genocide. The entire administrative pyramid of the Rwandan state contributed, and the strong Rwandan sense of obedience made it an extremely reliable structure, as evidenced by the precise following of administrative lines in the execution of the killings.

In addition to all state components, other actors were also involved. The national radio participated in the establishment of a climate of fear by broadcasting the idea that the Tutsi were preparing a plan to exterminate the Hutus: this is called ‘the mirror accusation’: it means that you accuse the other of what you are preparing.

The witness names intellectuals as organizers of the genocidal enterprise: politicians, doctors, lawyers, academics, etc. They were particularly involved by the interim government in bringing the genocide to Butare, while the Tutsi ‘prefet’ of this prefecture, Jean-Baptiste HABYARIMANA, had managed to maintain calm after April 6.

These intellectuals, gathered in different circles, organized meetings, made speeches, collaborated with the interim government.

Questioned about the press release written by the Circle of Intellectuals of Butare of which the accused was a member, and which approves the policy of the interim government while saying it is in favor of the Arusha treaties, the witness considers that it is impossible for a press release which reportedly opposed to the massacres was broadcast on Radio Rwanda on April 19, 1994.

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