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Morning exercise burns more fat but afternoon one reduce the risks of premature death, study.

A recent study involving more than 90,000 people, says that afternoon exercise may reduce the risks of premature death more than morning or evening workouts. The study also finds that physical activity at any time of the day is better for longevity than not exercising, but morning exercise might burn more fat.

The UK study published two months ago may signal that afternoon is best for long life and the morning for fat-burning, but what if you dislike mornings? Do you wish there was an approach to make getting up and working out at 4am or 5am easier?

Some people have mastered the morning exercise regime. To them, productivity in the morning sweat keeps them alive throughout the day, thus a great reducer of stress. It is also easier to maintain habits completed in the morning.

Learn from experience…

Namarome Wakhungu, a data analyst at Kenya National commission on human rights gives all her credits to a morning workout. “Morning is a neutral convenient time for me whether I am going to the office or working from home,” she says.

Exercising in the morning keeps her alert and active during the day and most importantly, it encourages her to make to make healthier eating choices. “I am a mother of two and you can imagine how the body changes after motherhood. I became so big that I lost my self-esteem,” she says.

Ms. Namarome says she tried dieting and intermittent fasting, but nothing seemed to work so she had to go down the exercise path. Though it was a bit difficult when she started because of the timing and consistency it almost seemed an impossible routine.

“I had no specific time. Sometimes I would go to gym in the evening, other times in the morning until my trainer suggested a specific routine for me and that’s when things started to fall into place.” She said.

Due to the nature of her work, the morning routine was most convenient. “I love my morning routine, exercising five days a week. On a Monday I prefer to have 45 minutes morning jog and not the gym. Then from Tuesday to Friday I meet my trainer from 5:30am to 7am,” she says.

This morning routine, she says, has seen her lose 15kgs over the past four months. Evenings can be challenging because after a long day at work, sometimes the body is just lazy thus you end up postponing exercise to the next session.

Ms. Namarome says that the morning routine at first is difficult, sleep can be sweet especially during off days but once you decide to focus it gets easier. She can proudly call herself ‘morning influencer’.


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