Thursday, June 20, 2024
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Wanchi-Dandi ecotourism village could be best model in Africa, Prof. Alemayehu

The newly inaugurated Wanchi-Dandi Ecotourism Village could be cited as one of the best model projects in Africa, the renowned Professor of political science at California State University, Alemayehu G. Mariam remarked.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed along with higher government officials inaugurated Wanchi-Dandi Ecotourism Village on Saturday. After visiting the project, Professor Alemayehu expressed his profound admiration for the surrounding natural beauty and the scenery of the lake.

According to him, Wanchi-Dandi Ecotourism Village could be cited as one of the best model projects in Africa for it combines natural scenery with the culture and life style of the local community.

In particular, he said that by traveling to such breathtaking locations in Ethiopia, those in the diaspora who have been gone from home for a long time will be able to cultivate a sense of patriotism and advocate for their nation.

Professor Alemayehu underlined the need to promote the unique features of Ethiopia to the global community, by visiting similar places across the country in order to help the ongoing nation building efforts and ensure prosperity.

Indicating that he had visited tourist destination projects including Chebera, Churchura and Gorgora, the professor said these projects are exceptional and stunning.

Wanchi-Dandi project concretely demonstrates Ethiopia’s success in the field of ecotourism which is vital to help the national economy.

It is to be recalled that PM Abiy Ahmed launched the Dine for Nation initiative in 2021 to develop three new world-class tourist sites in different regions of the country and Wanchi is one of them. Dine for Nation is part of the national project initiated by the premier in a bid to develop friendly tourist destinations.


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