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Zanzibar, Madagascar and Patmos from the bible among the most beautiful islands in the world

Some islands are said to be among the best in the whole world based on their particular characteristics and appearance, some for the history and cultural connotations attached.

Mauritius island in the Indian ocean, combined French and English influence with cultural dominance of India. Its characteristics are sugar cane, jungles, and beaches of hypnotic blue.

Easter island in Chile is an island of mystery, where its stone giants are vestiges of a lost civilization.

Rab island in Croatia facing the Adriatic Sea, its main city displays its medieval charm; towers, narrow cobblestone streets… a journey back in time.

Holbox in Mexico, North of the Yucatan peninsula, a perfect refuge to forget everything and enjoy its perfect sand and warm water.

Kauai, Hawaii in USA, one of the most beautiful islands in the Hawaiian archipelago. It has immense green mountains, abundant water everywhere, and the sea, that sea of intense color.

Skye island in UK, a Scottish island with stunning landscapes, medieval castles and fishing villages that maintain their authenticity.

Ko Adanga in Thailand, a tiny island with enormous charm and fascinating colors.

Zanzibar in Tanzania, this island was a very important port for trade routes between Europe, Africa and Asia. It was also the center of the vile slave trade, and now it is a place open for tourism, with the sea drawing beautiful sunsets.

La Palma in Spain, a volcanic island in the Atlantic Ocean, part of the canary archipelago, on the place of Atlantis as legend has it. That landscape of ashes and fire rocks might be the remains of that mythical territory.

Kyushu in Japan is considered the cradle of Japanese civilization and of very special beauty.

Andoya in Norway for those who seek adventure, this island lies some 300 kilometers beyond the Arctic Circle.

Sicily in Italy, this place contains as much beauty in its beaches as in the ancient towns and cities that lean out from the top of its mountains.

Madagascar, an immense reserve in which there is fauna and flora that can only be found in this corner of the planet.

Patmos in Greece, the most beautiful of the Greek islands? Even better than Santorini or Miconos? It is difficult to make such a resounding judgement. But Patmos, just a few miles from the Turkish coast, has authenticity that other islands have lost.



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