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Police warn against nudity amid criticism for similar charges on a young woman

Rwandan Police have warned the public against nudity and public indecency as acts at a time of the public debate on the controversial arrest and arraigning of a young woman said to have worn indecently in a couple of weeks ago.

“Rwanda Police reminds the public that nudity [and] public indecency … are punishable by law. We urge parents to educate and protect their children from these acts” the Police said in a tweet Friday 19th August 2020.

The warning has come after days of debate about the arrest of one Lilian Kamikazi for wearing transparent clothles all the way down at an entertainment arena in Kigali.

Police arrested one Kamikazi on 7th August 2022 and charged her with nudity and public indecency after her pictures while at a French-Cameroonian singer TayC concert in Kigali circulated on social media.

The 24-year-old was arraigned yesterday on 18th August 2022 and remanded for 30 days in custody while she pleaded for bail.

The controversial arrest has attracted strong debate on whether the police have to determine what people should wear especially in an entertainment arena, going as far as initiating a petition calling for her freedom and

Rwanda’s penal code punishes persons who perform “indecent acts in public” with up to two-year imprisonment.

Kamikazi’s case is the first of its kind in Rwanda.

Her bail plea will be decided on Tuesday next week.

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