Thursday, May 23, 2024
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Artificial intelligence, web3 and crypto, convergence shaping the future

In today’s world, there are currently three technological frontiers that are poised to revolutionize the way we work, transact, and live: artificial intelligence (AI), Web3, and cryptocurrencies, in a term known as convergence.  As a professional, it’s crucial to understand these concepts and their potential impact on your career and personal life.

AI has already made its way into our daily lives through virtual assistants like Siri and Alexa, but its applications extend far beyond these consumer-facing tools. In industries such as finance, consulting, accounting, law, and healthcare, AI is automating routine tasks, analyzing vast datasets, and uncovering insights that humans alone might miss.

On a personal level, AI can help manage investments, schedule appointments, and streamline various aspects of your life. Most recently, start-up Fast mind announced that they have created an A.I that allows for the world’s first block-chain smart contracts to be executable via voice command to an A.I. assistant, a clear demonstration of these technologies converging.

The most established party in the current A.I race is Sam Altman’s Open A.I., who acquired a 10-billion-dollar investment from Microsoft. Open AI has models such as the well-known Chatgpt. Open A.I. only has a few substantial competitors, mainly from a company called Anthropic who have what they call “constitutional AI,” an AI model designed to be ethical and beneficial to humans.

The problem with all of this artificial intelligence is validation of the data sets. How does an end user know if what they are reading is true or where the AI information is coming from? Most importantly, how can we be sure that the data supplied to the AI has no bias?

This is where block-chain is essential to underpin the continuing growth of A.I. Block-chain allows for traceability and transparency as well as decentralized contribution, all of which is essential for the future of information and all things that will interact or become a by-product of A.I.

Another example of convergence is Cudos, which combines block-chain and cloud computing to meet the infrastructure needs for these exponential growth areas in a decentralized manner. This demonstrates that convergence of the majority of impactful technologies is inevitable for further development and eventual mass adoption.

Innovative projects like Render Token are building the infrastructure for a decentralized future, with a block-chain that supports shared Graphical Processing Units (GPUs). This allows for hardware that doesn’t necessarily have the highest specifications, but can be capable of sophisticated rendering, augmented reality, and virtual reality use cases with high output.

To stay ahead of the curve, it’s essential to educate yourself about these technologies and start exploring their applications. Experiment with AI assistants for work tasks, investigate DeFi platforms for alternative investments and financial services. Practical exploration is the best way to learn how A.I and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum may converge.


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