Thursday, July 18, 2024
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WHO warns for ‘Disease X’ that might be 20 times more dangerous than coronavirus

The World Health Organization (WHO) has revealed that there are fears of an epidemic called “Disease X” spreading in the world, which is 20 times more dangerous than the Corona epidemic.

During a recent session of the World Economic Forum, World Health Organization leaders and scientists gathered to discuss the catastrophic threat posed by the potential spread of ‘Disease X’.

The term ‘Disease X’, coined by the WHO in 2018, is not an existing virus, but it was adopted to address the potential concerns of unexpected health crises in the future. The name of the strategy is a panel titled ‘Preparing for Disease X’ during this session emphasized the urgent need for better communication strategies to counter misinformation and conspiracy theories.

Also, experts highlighted that ‘Disease X’ could possibly appear as a virus that causes respiratory diseases and could possibly be a virus that can be transmitted from animals to humans.

WHO issued a stark warning that without proper preparation, ‘Disease X’ could overtake the devastation caused by the Corona epidemic, which has so far claimed more than 7 million lives worldwide.

Experts have emphasized the need for effective communication among the nations to control the spread of ‘Disease X’.

The World Health Organization also emphasized the need for public awareness in view of the spread of misinformation about this epidemic and said that ‘misinformation can be contagious like a virus, so we need to prevent people from spreading any information about the disease. In order to prevent the spread of fear or conspiracy, it is very important to inform people with correct information.


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