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Ukraine and DRC might be the next popular war tourism sites

Ukrainian war against Russia and rebels’ attacks in Democratic republic of Congo nowadays are dominating world and regional news, which is the very beginning of a journey to become war tourism sites.

According to Wikipedia, war tourism is recreational travel to active or former war zones for purposes of sightseeing or historical study. The term may be used pejoratively to describe thrill seeking in dangerous and forbidden places. In 1988, P.J. O’Rourke applied the pejorative meaning to war correspondents.

War artists and war correspondents such as Willem Van de Velde are considered to be the first war tourists. Van de Velde took to sea in 1653 in a small boat to observe a naval battle between the Dutch and the English, making many sketches on the spot.

Most Important War Sites


Oswiecim. Picture Credits: Unsplash

Oswiecim in Poland is the most visited and important war sites in the world. Auschwitz, the former Nazi concentration camp, was in the Oswiecim town. This day, the site has been converted into a memorial and museum to honor and respect the victims.


Pearl Harbour. Picture Credits: Pixabay by Taboola

The next war destination site you must visit is Pearl Harbour. In 1941 December, Japan dropped bombs on Pearl Harbour. This led to US joining the Allies in the World War II. This sudden turn costed lives of a lot of soldiers, nurses and families living on the island. On this day, Pearl Harbour serves as a memorial site paying homage to innocent victims. The fight is one of the most historical fights in the history of wars!

Washington DC

Vietnam Veterans Memorial. Picture Credits: Pixabay

Washington DC’s Vietnam Veterans Memorial showcases major American contribution in the Vietnam War. The memorial is built in the memory of the United States Armed Forces who went missing or lost their lives during the war time. You can enter the memorial anytime as it is open for 24 hours a day and is free.


India Gate. Picture Credits: Unsplash

India Gate is one of the most iconic war memorials of India. The monument pays homage to Indian soldiers who lost their lives during World War 1 between 1914 and 1921. India Gate is situation in approximately 2 km from the Rashtrapati Bhavan on Rajpath Road. It still serves as one of the most popular tourist attraction places in Delhi.


Velodrome d’Hiver. Picture Credits: Unsplash

Colloquially known as Vel’ d’Hiv’, the Velodrome d’Hiver, is situated in Paris. It is not far away from the Eiffel Tower. In 1942, the Nazi had captured Paris and arrested all Jews. Operation Spring Breeze was name of the event, and the main objective was to remove all the Jews from France. To achieve this, more than 13,000 jews along with 4000 kids were pushed to concentration camps. Velodrome d’Hiver pays tribute to the lives of captured victims.


Independence Hall. Picture Credits: Unsplash

Independence Hall in Philadelphia serves as one of the most iconic war tourism sites. It is known as Birthplace of America. It is one of the most historic buildings of America. This site oozes history. People who really like history and want to learn more about past can check out this site.


Dunkirk. Picture Credits: Pixabay

The coastal city in the northern France, Dunkirk, is a sight for history buffs. In June 1940, world’s biggest rescue operation – Operation Dynamo – was carried out to rescue 330,00 British soldiers who were trapped. A movie on the same name, Dunkirk, was made and it portrayed in detail about the operation.


Dover Castle. Picture Credits: Unsplash

To defend the country from foreign invaders and protect England, King Henry II built Dover Castle. The castle is adorned with underground tunnels and escape rooms. This place serves as the best site to learn England’s rich history.


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