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Moroccan Casablanca and Marrakech international airports named among Africa’s best

Casablanca’s International Airport and the Marrakech International Airport were featured on a list of Africa’s best airports, published by the globally renowned airline assessment company Skytrax.  It placed the Marrakech International Airport in the sixth spot, and Casablanca’s in the fourth, out of the top ten in Africa.

First on the list is the Cape Town International of South Africa. Known for its modern infrastructure, eco-friendly practices, and commitment to passenger comfort, it caters to a wide audience.

The second and third spots went to South African airports as well, with the Durban King Sahak and Johannesburg airports handling several millions of passengers every year.

Casablanca’s international airport, claiming the fourth spot on the list, is one of the busiest airports in Africa, and Morocco’s busiest.

On the top ten list, it’s followed by the Mauritius airport, then the Marrakech International Airport on the sixth spot. As Marrakech is known as a traveler’s favorite destination all over the world, the airport regularly welcomes flights from different itineraries.

Ethiopia’s Addis Ababa International Airport was placed seventh. Previously called Haile Selassie I International Airport, it serves as Ethiopian Airlines’ primary hub.

On the eighth spot is Rwanda’s Kigali International Airport, followed by Kenya’s Nairobi International Airport, and finally, South Africa’s Bloemfontein International Airport.

In Australia and the Pacific region, the Melbourn Airport came first. As for the best airports in Asia, the Singapore Cehnghai Airport took the first spot. The Baku airport came first in central Asia.

According to Skytrax, Guangzhou is China’s best airport, while the Doha Hamad airport is the Middle East’s best. In Europe, the Paris CDG took the first place, and in India/South Asia, Delhi’s airport topped the list.

Skytrax featured lists of several regions’ top 10 in its recent report, after a thorough analysis and year-on-year comparison.


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