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Low crime rates among other good things about North Korea, worthy visiting

Since the 1950s, North Korea has been isolated from the rest of the world. Its people have been cut off from interacting with people from other countries, and it has been difficult for outsiders to learn about life inside. This isolation has led to many myths and stereotypes which are often negative.

According to Neil Lawrence, there are good things about North Korea. Among others, the country has very low crime rates. Additionally, North Koreans have a very strong sense of community and are very supportive of one another, and it is very self-sufficient, meaning that it does not rely heavily on other countries for resources.

The country has beautiful nature, historical sights, and resorts and sanatoriums that offer a taste of the orient. You can also get a glimpse of people’s lives in a country so different from the rest of the world.

Tourists in North Korea

If you’re considering traveling to North Korea, be aware that it isn’t possible to enter the country from South Korea or to enter South Korea from North Korea. The only way for foreigners to enter North Korea is by air or by train.

Accessing media content that is not sanctioned by the government is illegal and considered to be “anti-socialist behavior.” Those who are caught engaging in this behavior can be severely punished by the government.

North Koreans have embraced mobile communication despite the increased possibility for state surveillance. Mobile phones have become an integral and indispensable part of North Korean daily life.

As of 2022, ordinary citizens in North Korea do not have access to the global internet. Instead, these individuals are able to access Kwangmyong, that is operated by the country.

Is there love in North Korea

In North Korean films you don’t see couples kissing or being physically affectionate with each other, many North Koreans are just not used to Personal Digital Assistant and wouldn’t dream of being too affectionate or kissing in public. Nonetheless they do meet and date and fall in love like everywhere else. They just keep their public displays of affection to a minimum compared to other cultures.

Despite the odd regulations, people in North Korea still seek out romance because it is only natural to fall in love. While dating is officially controlled in the country, people find ways to go around the rules to date in secret. This can cause a breakdown of discipline in schools or workplaces, but the desire for love is strong enough that people are willing to take the risk.

Tattoos have long had negative associations in North Korea. During the Koryo dynasty, which ruled from 918 to 1392 AD, people were forcibly given tattoos on their faces or arms listing the crimes they had committed or marking them as slaves. This centuries-old stigma continues to this day, with many people believing that tattoos are dirty and associated with criminal gangs.

Some facts about North Korea

North Korea is the most secretive country in the world and has the fourth largest army in the world. It is virtually pollution-free, very homogenous society and Kim Jong-un is the current leader.

You can smoke Marijuana legally in North Korea. It is not even classified as a drug in the country. It is the world’s only nation to capture and retain a U.S. Navy ship to date.

North Korea does not use the Gregorian calendar, which is also known as the Western calendar and the Christian calendar. They have their own calendar in place.

The North Korean city of Pyongyang has the world’s largest stadium, boasting a seating capacity of 150,000. This stadium is used for football, athletics and mass games.

Haircuts are also approved by the supreme leader, Kim Jong-Un, in North Korea. There are only 28 styles of approved haircuts from which to choose in North Korea. Men can choose from 10 different styles, while women have 18 different options.

They have their own computer operating system: North Koreans use “Red Star OS,” which is offered in only the Korean language. Michael Jordan is the hero of the basketball-fascinated,

Did you know that there is a heavily Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) between North Korea and South Korea? This zone acts as a buffer zone between the two countries. The zone is about 250 kilometers long and 4 kilometers wide.

The country has the fourth largest strength of active duty personal behind China, the United States and India. According to the CIA, North Korea has a 100% literacy rate.


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