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Israel dominates the LGBT world

Even though sexual orientation is still somewhat a sensitive issue, it seems that it is becoming less of a taboo issue at a global level. Unbelievably, Israel seems to be the gayest country in the world per capita.

Israel is one of the most developed and open-minded countries in the Middle East, recent research on the topic of LGBT ( lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) population among Israelis has shown that 8.2 percent of men admit they are gay! In addition, Tel Aviv Pride is one of the most visited events of that kind in the world with much over 100,000 participants coming each year.

Other gayest countries in the world

Japan (7.6 percent)

Homosexuality has a long documented history in Japan. From priests in monasteries to samurais, many of them practiced homosexuality. Homosexuality in Japan became restricted only in the 19th century during the Meiji Restoration in order to bring Japan closer to western trends. Even though Japan became quite closed to gays since then, it seems that LGBT acceptance is coming back to Japan’s old roots.

Germany (7.4 percent)

Germany is the gayest country in Europe per capita, the figures say. Even so, Germany took a long time before legalizing gay marriages.

Spain (6.9 percent)

Spain has been considered as one of the most gay-friendly countries in the world, and also one of the gayest countries in the world per capita. Nowadays, more and more younger population in Spain identifies themselves as gay (up to 14 percent aged between 14 and 29). It is also one of the countries where it is easiest and best to live for gay people.

UK (6.5 percent)

More and more people in the UK identify themselves as gay or lesbian, showed by statistics, with a percentage of the gay population rising about 0.3 percent to 1.7 percent from 2015 to 2016.

Netherlands (6.4 percent)

Apart from being gay-friendly and having recognized gay communities throughout the 20th century (unlike in other European and world’s countries), Netherlands was also the first country to legalize same sex marriage in 2001. An interesting fact is that Netherland also had first gay bars opened during the 1920s, and the tradition continues until nowadays.

Austria (6, 2 percent)

Austria is one of gayest countries in the world per capita, though only 49 percent of the population supports gay marriage. Nevertheless, gay marriage has been legally accepted since 2010.

Mexico (6 percent)

Although being among gayest countries in the world per capita, Mexico is not the greatest place on Earth to be gay. Homophobia is widely spread throughout the country, which, apart from open hatred, is shown through opposing to already legalized same-sex marriage.

France (5.4 percent)

It is no wonder to see France on the list of gayest countries in the world since Paris was known for being the “gay heaven” through the 20th century. Today Marais, a historical part of Paris, is considered the gay center of Paris. Same-sex marriage was legalized in 2013 in France.

Poland (4.9 percent)

One of the first thoughts, when one thinks of Poland, is the number of churches in the country. Poland is one of the most religious countries of Europe with around 90 percent of the population being Roman Catholic. Nevertheless, with the figure of 4.9 percent of the population being gay, it seems that Poland is becoming a more gay-friendly country, although same-sex marriage is still not legalized.

Italy (4.8 percent)

What brings Italy to the list of the gayest countries in the world per capita are the figures saying that 4.8 percent of the population is gay. However, it is not all roses in Italy, as it is one of the worst western countries to be gay in. It only comes to the middle of rankings made by Rainbow Europe about respecting LGBT rights, based mainly on countries’ laws and policies and how they affect LGBT communities.

USA (4.1 percent)

The USA is a huge country and much can be said on the issue of gay percentage for each state. However, looking at the country in general, the awareness about human rights and LGBT community is rising. Also in only four years, a percentage of adults identifying themselves as gay rose for about 0.5 percent, being 3.5 in 2012 to 4.1 in 2016.

Ireland (4 percent)

The fuss about the referendum held in 2015 about the amendment to Irish Constitution about gay marriage cannot be forgotten. Overall numbers have shown that approximately 60 percent of voters voted for and about 37 percent voted against the amendment. This also puts Ireland a number one country to put voting for an issue like this. However, luckily, Ireland’s gay couples finally got the right to get married legally.

New Zealand (2.6 percent)

Same-sex marriage became legalized in 2013 in New Zealand. In addition, New Zealand’s justice minister has apologized to gay men for the criminalization of homosexuality that was happening until 1986.

Canada (2 percent)

Canada is one of the gayest countries in the world per capita since 74 percent of Canadians claim to know someone from LGBT community. Some resources also state that the figure might be up to 5 percent.

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